On November 30, 2010, in the NYPC course, “Introduction to Beyond Sovereignty,” the following question was posted to the Q&A online forum by Jonathan Rogers.


“How exactly does ‘the transcendental essence of existence’ articulate the essence of the Incarnation?1  How do the two go together?  Perhaps part of the answer can include an explanation of the following snippet [from Beyond Sovereignty]: ‘to perceive things as the appearance of the transcendental essence of existence itself—things as the apparent and living body of Christ’ (p. 230).”2


The instructor’s (expanded) response follows.


Transcendental Essence of Existence & Light of the Universe


1) The Incarnation is the worldly existence (John 1:9-10) of the essential intelligibility of the existence of the world.  The essence of the Incarnation is the revelation (in the form of worldly existence) of the transcendental essence of existence.


2) The latter = the mind of God qua actually creating the universe = the essentially personal intelligibility of the existence of the universe = at once the unconcealed Light that gives light to every human (ibid.) = the Logos “through whom all things came into existence, and without whom came into existence not one thing that has come into existence” (John 1:3).


3) To perceive things “as the appearance of the transcendental essence of existence itself—things as the apparent and living body of Christ”3 is to perceive things as the unconcealed transcendental essence of existence itself giving itself essentially (i.e., qua creating) to every human, from which follows the imperatives to cherish the name, to create the world, and to love the truth (this very unconcealment).


Comprehensively, the 9 imperatives (the whole Ennealogue) articulate “for the first time the absolute imperative to create the new world”.4  It is pointed out in n. 70 that the integral product of חדוש גםור, ‘Absolute Newness’/‘Absolute Creation’, = 82944 9.  Note in connection with what is said above that the integral product of the Hebrew version of the title Pilate had affixed to the cross upon which was nailed the worldly existence of the mind of God qua actually creating the universe, ישוע הנצרי מלך היהודים, “Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews” (John 19:19), = 82944 9 1018.


With respect to the Word that is the Light given to every human (cf. 2, above), cf. Genesis 1:3:ויאמר אלהים יהי אור ויהי אור , ‘And God said “Let there be light” and there was light’, whose integral product = 8.2944e26, whose rational product = 1.3̅3̅3e4, and whose linear product = 6.2208e22. 


82944 = the total area of the unitary structure of the absolute dead center cube whose total surface area = 62208.5  1.3̅3̅3 is the hypercubic power of the volume of this and every cube,6 at once the ratio of 1 (= the rational product of נקדת האפס של תנופה, ‘dead center’) to 0.75 (= the rational product of אפס, ‘nothing’) where Unity qua numerator/antecedent is the constant identity of the system of reference as the center.7


The product of 1.3̅3̅3 and the product of the rational products of שכינה, ‘Godhead’, and יהי אור, “Let there be light” (= 15 666.6̅6̅6 = 10,000), at once the product of the sums of integers in the quadrants of the absolute proportion of absolute thought, the ‘created 100’ (= 10,000),8 1.3̅3̅3 10,000, = 1.3̅3̅3e4, the rational product of Genesis 1:3.


Light, the ‘Created 100’, & the Microwave Map of the Universe


“Inflationary Cosmology predicts that after about 10−37 seconds the nascent universe underwent exponential growth that smoothed out nearly all inhomogeneities. The exception is inhomogeneities caused by quantum fluctuations in the inflation field.”9


“Inflation is a concrete mechanism for realizing the cosmological principle which is the basis of the standard model of physical cosmology: it accounts for the homogeneity and isotropy of the observable universe. In addition, it accounts for the observed flatness and absence of magnetic monopoles. Since Guth's early work, each of these observations has received further confirmation, most impressively by the detailed observations of the cosmic microwave background made by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) spacecraft. This analysis shows that the universe is flat to an accuracy of at least a few percent, and that it is homogeneous and isotropic to a part in 10,000.”10


It is at the time, at the end of the inflation of the earliest universe, when the universe “first became transparent to photons, to light,” “when light first begins to penetrate,” that there remain the inhomogeneities (one part in 10,000) that become the seeds of the large scale structure of the universe.11


“In addition, inflation predicts that the structures visible in the universe today formed through the gravitational collapse of perturbations which were formed as quantum mechanical fluctuations in the inflationary epoch.”12




WMAP_2010.png       =          QuantumFluctuations.jpg              




“Inflation predicts that the observed perturbations should be in thermal equilibrium with each other (these are called adiabatic or isentropic perturbations). This structure for the perturbations has been confirmed by the WMAP spacecraft and other cosmic microwave background experiments, and galaxy surveys, especially the ongoing Sloan Digital Sky Survey.  These experiments have shown that the one part in 10,000 inhomogeneities observed have exactly the form predicted by theory.”13








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