W Boson Mass & the Mathematics


of the Absolute Dead Center Cube 




PhysOrg.com March 2, 2012

New measurements of W boson mass point to Higgs mass and test Standard Model 


“The Higgs boson is the last undiscovered component of the Standard Model and theorized to give all other particles their masses. Scientists employ two techniques to find the hiding place of the Higgs particle: the direct production of Higgs particles and precision measurements of other particles and forces that could be influenced by the existence of Higgs particles. The new measurement of the W boson mass falls into the precision category.


“The CDF collaboration measured the W boson mass to be 80387 +/- 19 MeV/c2. The DZero collaboration measured the particle’s mass to be 80375 +/- 23 MeV/c2. The two new measurements, along with the addition of previous data from the earliest operation of the Tevatron, combine to produce a measurement of 80387 +/- 17 MeV/c2, which has a precision of 0.02 percent.


“These ultra-precise, rigorous measurements took up to five years for the collaborations to complete independently. The collaborations measured the particle’s mass in six different ways, which all match and combine for a result that is twice as precise as the previous measurement. The results were presented at seminars at Fermilab over the past two weeks by physicists Ashutosh Kotwal from Duke University and Jan Stark from the Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie in Grenoble, France.”


Where 62208 is the total surface area of the absolute dead center cube, and 784 is the consequent in the ratio of the volume of the absolute dead hypercube (107495424 ) to its integral product (1016064)  — 82944/784 — (a ratio unique among all natural numbers, whose antecedent and consequent are themselves uniquely among all natural numbers at once their integral products),1


80387 MeV = 1.433028377e-25 kg = 7.84e-48 (1+6.2208e76-32-1) kg  accurate to 2.8 ppb.


Where the absolute dead center hypercube volume = 107495424, the ratio of that volume to its integral product = 82944/784, the mass of the W boson in kilograms = 1.433028377e-25, and the mass of the Z boson in kilograms = 1.625555857e-25,2 then


(1.433028377e-25-4/3 / 107495424)1024-1  1e2 = 82950.982626/784,


(1.625555857e-25-4/3 / 107495424)1024-1  1e2 = 82937.368131/784, and


(82950.982626/784 + 82937.368131/784) / 2 = 82944/784  accurate to 2.11 ppm.


Cf., on this web, The Higgs Boson & the Absolute Dead Center Cube: Predictions Within the Probable Range and 82944 & the Four Fundamental Forces & the God Particle.





1 See, on this web, Measure Beyond Beyond Reach.  Cf., also, D.G. Leahy, Foundation: Mater the Body Itself (Albany, 1996), Section III.6, et passim.

2 91187 MeV = 1.625555857e-25 kg.  Cf. K. Nakamura et al. (Particle Data Group), JP G 37, 075021 (2010) and 2011 partial update for the 2012 edition. Online. Available at: http://pdg.lbl.gov/2011/listings/rpp2011-list-z-boson.pdf. March 2012.  Cf., also, W and Z bosons, Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. Online. Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W_and_Z_bosons. March 2012.






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