Corpus Christi 8x3
(Dali 'Crucifixion')

Where x is the edge of the absolute dead center cube, 8x3 the boundary of the absolute dead center hypercube, x4, and √8 and √2592 factors of 144 the face diagonal of the absolute dead center cube, 

8x3 = √8 2985984 = 429981696/√2592,

where 2985984 (= x4/36 = 36 82944) and 429981696 (= 4x4 = 36 144 82944) are the respective base elements of the integral products of alternate forms of the Greek for Corpus Christi, τ σμα Χριστο (2.985984 1030) and τ σμα το Χριστο (4.29981696 1040). 

Cf. D.G. Leahy, Foundation: Matter the Body Itself (Albany, 1996), Sections III.5, III.7 and IV.2.  Also, on this web, The Deep Epidermal Surface, Theorem & Proof: The Uniqueness of the Absolute Dead Center Cube, Measure Beyond Beyond Reach, The Magnitude of Being, and Transdecimal Calculation of Number Identity: A Note on Integral Product & Related Terms